Minggu, 22 Mei 2016

Book Review

Sebuah Catatan Pelajar Bodoh
                                                Author             : Raditya Dika
                                                Editor              : Denny Indra
                                                Pages               : 237 pages
                                                Publisher         : Gagas Media

“Kambing Jantan” is one of Raditya Dika books, he is an author of “Manusia Setengah Salmon”, “Marmut Merah Jambu”, Koala Kumal” etc. Raditya Dika is also a Blooger of www.radityadika.com.
This is one of my favorite book, i like the style when Dika’s writting, it is very funny, he make me laughing when i read every single pages, overall this book is a comedy book, and the story of this book is came from dika’s blog,  the story of this book is about the Raditya Dika its self, start from his life story, love story until when he get schoolarship in Australia.
I read this book almost three times and i never got borred, but there is something that make me feels like a blog, not a novel, i feels like read a blog not a novel, because all of his books is not using EYD rules, for example the editor still using “Gw” i think it should be “Gue” or something else,but i like his idea, he is very creative to make a joke and when he make a discussion  its very absurd, that is the best thing of this books, he make the absurd to be a funny jokes, i love all of dika’s books.

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