Rabu, 20 April 2016


Every single day I’m always watching you in the class, it’s been two years we’re in the same class after you’re moving from A class, since that day, I’m always watching you and curious about you, I don’t know why, you’re always looking so blue, alone in a class just like you don’t have any friends, sometimes you are fall asleep in a class, you always came to the class using the same scarf and listening music using your earphone. I wonder about what are you thinking? Why you always keep your mouth silent? Is this class make you uncomfortable? You don’t even pay attention to your teacher, your eyes are empty.
I want to try to say hallo to you, but I’m so afraid if I will disturbing you, furthermore I don’t have any courage to say that, But this is my chance before he’s leaving the class and disappear, he’s kind of introvert person, he will back to his house after the class.
“hey Reina, do you have done with your assignment?” veronica calling my name.
“huum, sorry, I’m not listening?” my answer.
“Reina! Please looking at me when I’m talking to you,and why you looking around? Veronica is upset to me.
“I’m so sorry Ver, nothing, just nothing”
“ahh… so, the problem is the friendless boy, you’re eyes are looking at him, sometimes I fell pity for him, why you’re not start talking to him, I will accompany you” veronica said.
What are you talking about? No, I’m not, don’t disturb him ver, I think he’s happy in his loneliness.
“whatever you said, HEY REY!!!” Veronica calling him loudly
What the hell she’s thinking? but, why he’s not responded her? He’s so cold just like an ice.
It’s my first time to have a conversation with him, my heart is beating hard, I hope I’m not nervous right now.
“Hey, what’s up? Rey answering her hello
Oh god, what should I say, I don’t want to make it worse.
He’s came closely and then we have a little conversation
                After that day, I’m feeling happy, I can looking his eyes closely, smell the perfume of him and that was awesome, maybe we are the first friends of him in campus, day by day we’re getting closer, moreover I have his phone number, and now I’m not afraid anymore to speak up to him, I’m very glad to know him, but he’s still blue, not much talking and….. well he is a mysterious guy I though.
After 5 months we spending our time together, I’m try to expressing my felling to him after the class
“hey Rey, do you have a time?” I’m trying say hello to him.
“nope, I’m always free as long as I don’t have assignment, why? He said.
“Do you want to go out with me right now?
“well,, ok” he agreed.
After walking around the mall for a few hour, I try to say love.
                “Rei, you know what, I’m always looking at you, I think I loved you, sorry for that, im just trying to expressing my felling to you” it was embarrassing moment, I can’t looking his eyes, but I heard the sound of his steps was stopped.
“why, why you say that?” he said.
“I don’t know, but I think I should tell you, sorry” how stupid I am, why I tell him my felling right now, I messed up everything, oh god help me please.
“don’t you worry, but I’m sorry, I can’t accept you as my girlfriend, sorry” he said, and after that, he’s go away leave me behind.
“Rey! Please, don’t go away!” I running after him and crying after that.
                It’s almost two weeks after that day and I never say hello again to him, but I’m always trying, but he was not respond to me until one day I met him in library.
No matter what, im started asking his explanation
“ I know you’re not loved me, but please, don’t go away, I need you”
“why? Im not a good person, you’re so beautiful, kind and nice, why you love me? He said
                He grap my hand and take me away to the hill behind our campus, and I’m starting tell him my reasons and he doing the same, overall I know the reasons why he always alone and why he reject me to be his girlfriend, I know he was so broken heart because of his exgirlfriend.
“well Reina, you know my story, and I think I need time to be alone, actually I was attracted to you too, I promise to you, you don’t have to say love again, because I will say love you directly, I hope you waiting me until that day”
I don’t know how to say, I’m so happy, I just have three words to say, “Yes, I will”

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