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Movie Review


  Director         : Alejandro González Iñárritu
         Genre(s)         : Adventure, Drama, Thriller, Western
         Rate                : R
         Runtime          : 156 min

The Revenant is the movie which is adapted from the Novel with the same title by Michael Punke. The Director of this movie is Alejandro Gonzales Inarritu, the author is Mark L Smith. and Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom hardy, and Will Poulter as the actors.
The story of the Revenant is an adventure of the hunter Huge Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio) in 1823 got attacked from Grizzly Bear. When he tried to survive at that moment, his friends (Tom Hardy, Will Pouter and Domhnall Gleeson) leaving his alone and let him dying, he tries to survive alone and finally Glass can survive and decided to revenge to his friends
The story line is very simple and it’s all about revenge, so the viewer can understand what’s the meaning of this movie, it features a battalion of very fine, hardworking actors, none more diligently committed than Mr. DiCaprio, and some of the most beautiful natural tableaus you’re likely to see in a movie this year. Partly shot in outwardly unspoiled tracts in Canada and Argentina, it has the brilliant, crystalline look that high-definition digital can provide, with natural vistas that seem to go on forever and suggest the seeming limitless bounty that once was. Here, green lichen carpets trees that look tall enough to pierce the heavens. It’s that kind of movie, with that kind of visual splendor — it spurs you to match its industrious poeticism.

I thought the art of this movie was adrenalin rush while watching “The Revenant,” with its butchered animals, muddled ideas, heart-skippingly natural landscapes without any effects. What makes too many of his moments, ghastly and grand — an arrow piercing a man’s throat, the beatific face of a beloved, a man scooping the innards out of a fallen horse, the enveloping softness of the dusk light — isn’t the moment itself, but that little something special that he adds to it, whether it’s a gurgle of blood in a throat or the perfectly lighted sheen of a hunk of offal. Mr. Iñárritu isn’t content to merely seduce you with ecstatic beauty and annihilating terror; he wants to blow your mind, to lure your art-house experience with blockbuster like awesomeness.
The Revenant itself dominate the Oscar achievement in 2016, 12 categories succeed to be gained on Oscar 2016, this movie also got 3 categories in Golden Globes 2016 those are best actor, best actres and the best director. after all, i recommend you to watch this incredible movie

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