Senin, 20 Juni 2016


Mr. Rizki Februansyah is a lecturer and a Vice chairman of the Humanity faculty, Unsoed  1. He was born on 17 February 1977 in cilacap. He is alumny of Senior High School 2 of Purwokerto (SMAN 2 PWT) and then continue a magister program at UGM.
This Lecturer who have one child is very responsible of his duty as the vice chairman. He did a lot of things related to his duties in the faculty of humanity  of Unsoed. Some of his works e.g  make the faculty guidebook, accreditation documents and the result documents of the MIU which conducted with a team of lecturers in the Faculty of Humanity Unsoed.
He told to all students, especially students who are working on thesis and final project assignments of faculty of humanity to do their job as best as possible and always pay attention to whole aspects, from small to large things. Especially when the council of report, that’s  all aims for all students so they will be ready for the real working world.

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